Basic Document
1.Complete description of goods and services offered.
2.Returned merchandise and refund policy.
3.Customer service contact(email, telephone and return address).
4.Export or legal restriction in country of domicile (if known).
5.Deliver policy.
6.Privacy policy.
7.Dispute policy procedure.
8.Domain ownership proof.
9.Business registration and copy of certificate of incorporate.
10.Business bank statement.
11.Utility bill registered under the business name and business applicant.
12.Copies of passport and ID of signing director.
13.Recent 6-months processing history and CB history.
Confirmation Of Inputted Data
Merchant Approval RateCountry Of Registration


* This % score is an estimation of your approval for our acquiring Banks.*
Has a high % chance to be denied by our acquiring banks if % score below 60%.

Costa Rica

** All support documents requested must be provided to honor the above approval score **** Registration documents and owner documents will be required **

Industry Type

Average Monthly Volume

Age Of Website

Average Ticket Price

Method Of Accepting Payment

Chargeback Rate
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