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About Us

Altercards is committed to provide our merchant with premier tools and service to help them drive their business and increase revenues. In addition to providing Visa, MasterCard, Amex credit card payment processing, we also provide an exclusive electronic check payment method. A electronic check works much like a regular check, only instead of using a paper check... Read More>>






Flexible Fee Structure

Provide competitive, customized fee structure depend on different industries and volume.

Safe & Stable

Use sophisticated technology and our risk control systems solution, and the combination of acquiring bank and our own blacklist system, we employ risk assessor to evaluate and analyze transaction to filter risky orders.

Cloud Backup

Real-time server data backup. Reviewing system database 24*7.

Excellent Performance

Altercards automated monitor on gateway processing volume, with back up servers to balance the capacity

Quick communication

Contact our customer service team by email, phone, skype. We will answer your questions in no time.

Simple API

Simplize the API, reduce configration difficulty.


What programming language and open source online system does payment interface of Altercards support?

Supported programming language: JSP、PHP、ASP、.NET Supported open source online system: Zencart、Magento、Opencart、Cs-cart、Ecshop、Prestashop We provide one-to-one interface technology services for free to make sure that all site can connect with Altercards payment gateway perfectly.

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Why did my payment fail?

Main reasons:
1)Entered wrong credit card information .
2)Credit card has expired.
3)The balance of credit card is insufficient.
4)The location of the buyer has been classified as a high-risk areas by Banks.
5)Credit card has already been cancelled by cardholder or in bank black list database.
6)Bank validation failed Due to network malfunction.
7)Buyer's information is classified as high risk by risk control system of Altercards. Our system will stop processing automatically to reduce the possibility of a stolen card.

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How to pay Altercards?

For new merchant,can pay Altercards by bank transfer、cheque or cash ; If your were Altercards merchant already, you can choose internal deduction to pay Altercards when the balance of your Altercards accounts is equal to or greater than the payment. Fax the completed application form of internal deduction to our sales.

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